We offer security for your precision

What can you expect?

We offer a shooting range with state-of-the-art equipment and attractive training opportunities directly on Lake Zurich. Our indoor shooting range is not only suitable for police officers and sport shooters. Hobby shooters, hunters and private security companies are also very welcome.


We want to offer both advanced shooters and beginners the best shooting experience and suitable training opportunities. To this end, we use the latest equipment and can therefore design the facility to be versatile, practical and sustainable.

The right training option for everyone

Thanks to our two soundproof rooms - a dynamic room and a static room - there is a suitable training option for everyone. In the dynamic area, experienced shooters can move freely around the room and train. Adjustable walls and two mobile bullet traps offer customers the perfect infrastructure to work on their skills. The static area consists of four targets and is therefore perfect for beginners and those returning to the sport. We also offer shooting instructions.

Almost all calibers can be used in the Dynamic range. We are also planning to provide independent access to the shooting range for police officers and other professional firearms carriers, as it is difficult for them to train during regular opening hours due to shift work.

Shooters should be given the opportunity to train according to their own schedule, without additional or further obligations.


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